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What does this service do?

We measure changes in the fine motor control of a patient's hand to determine if they are responding as a normal individual.  This data may be used to detect concussions, carpal tunnel syndrome, monitor stroke and concussive recovery, and other physical rehabilitation regimens involving injuries to the upper body.

How do you use this device?

The practitioner administers four one minute tests using a lap top or desk computer in which the patient squeezes the handset in response to an onscreen prompt.  The test is processed off site on our HIPAA compliant servers and the results are available to the doctor within minutes.  Click here to see a video demonstrating how to take a test.

How do I benefit from using this device?

These test results provide concrete, quantitative numbers that can document that a patient is actually injured and that a particular treatment or rehabilitation regimen is showing positive results.  This can be particularly useful with concussion patients, who are frequently in denial regarding their injury, or with patients who do not believe their rehabilitation program is showing positive results.

See a sample report:  

First page of Report,             Augmented Report pages,              Comprehensive Report pages

How do our patients benefit by using this device?

This device allows a medical practitioner to document changes in fine motor control capabilities in a patient and to use these changes to detect an injury or to document rate of recovery and extent of recovery of an existing injury.

How do I request more information?

We are happy to answer your questions.  Please send them to and we will send additional information concerning your questions, billing questions, or additional literature for reference.

Can I be reimbursed by insurance?

Yes, the ROI systems can be billed and reimbursed using insurance medical codes. 

Is there a minimum order amount?

No.  You can order a single unit, or you may order in bulk.

How many units should I order?

The numbers of units needed will depend on the volume of tests you will need to run during peak times.  A dedicated device and technician can test 5-6 individuals per hour.  Please consult our team for further assistance.

What about shipping?

Standard shipping is free throughout the lower 48 states and is available for a small fee to Hawaii and Alaska.  We presently do not ship overseas.

Do we accept returns?

We are happy to accept returns within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.  Please contact a service representative for all returns and exchanges.

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