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Existing technology relies heavily on cognitive and behavioral tests developed over the years.  Most of these tests are subjective in nature, and as such are limited by the compliance of the subject.   Since denial is a strong symptom of mTBI subjects, the necessary compliance is not always achievable.   A better technology is needed.

RedOak Instruments provides the needed technology.   The SR-3053 relies on physiological time resolved force measurements. It’s easier to accept that you are injured by an impact if quantitative physical changes can be detected. Physical measurements also make it easier for others to recognize you are really injured, and require immediate medical attention.  Measurable, quantitative evidence reinforces confidence in the training and rehabilitation programs being monitored and this improved compliance can result in better trained athletes and improved rehab results.

RedOak Instruments, LLC is a medical technology company, founded in Katy, Texas. Its patented technology uses non invasive biomechanical measurements and analysis of the hands to identify physiological impairments impacting fine motor control and coordination.  Test takers are prompted by the program to squeeze, hold and release a hand held device in a randomized pattern over a few minutes.  The system records changes in reaction time, fine motor control and other signaling parameters.  Analysis of the patterns in these measurements is then used to indicate degrees of illness and injury.

In addition to screening recent injuries, the technology provides an inexpensive alternative to record recovery rates and the efficacy of treatments by logging the progression of an injured person's condition over the course of their therapy.   Repeat testing produces a graphical image documenting the changes in the patient's condition.

Physicians, clinicians, military medics, emergency responders, coaches and trainers can now immediately evaluate the severity of a bloodless head injury on-site. This is especially important in the case of mTBI and other head injuries because denial of injury is a common reaction, and visible symptoms may be difficult to assess in the absence of visible blood such that the injury goes undetected. 

Test the hands and protect the brain. 


Now doing business in Montana as RU-Fit Montana.

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