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Brain Injury Association of Texas, 25th Annual Texas Brain Injury State Conference, Austin, Texas


April 4-7, 2009

mTBI Screening Based on Functional Assessment of Fine Motor Control.

MC Mireles, PhD, MPH, Community Medical Foundation for Patient Safety, Bellaire, TX

WC Paske, PhD, Red Oak Instruments, LLC, Katy, TX



1    Learn about hand functionality as measured by fine motor control, using an FDA-approved medical device.

2    Be able to distinguish a “normal: measurement of fine motor control vs “abnormal” measurement in selected examples of carpal tunnel syndrome and TBI.

3    Evaluate the application of the new device in detecting and screening mTBI among a targeted population.



1.     a)  The basic physiology and biomechanics of the hand and wrist will be presented in context of an example of musculoskeletal disorder such as carpal tunnel syndrome; b) The overview of the device and the screening test will be discussed in detail.

2.     a) Demo of normal will be presented and explained in detail; b) Demo of abnormal measurements of fine motor control will be presented and explained in detail;   c) Current applications of the device for CTS screening will be illustrated, followed by a presentation of clinical series of TBI cases; d) A brief description of a proposed military study will be presented to the audience.

3.     a) More detailed discussion of the TBI clinical series will be provided, specifically focusing on the characteristics of repeated measurements of fine motor control; b) a special target population (military personnel) and how the device will be used will be presented to the audience for comments and suggestions.

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