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For physicians, coaches, athletic trainers, military personel, first responders and the like, the RU-Fit model SR-3053 Sport enables you to quickly identify injury, monitor rehabilitation and make decisions quickly from anywhere.


Identify Injury

The patented RU-Fit SR-3053 system quantitatively and noninvasively tests individuals to detect abnormalities indicating non visible injury. The device can be used anywhere in less than ten minutes, and cannot be cheated. This promotes early detection and optimal recovery. 


Monitor Rehabilitation

Monitor and record fine motor control changes throughout the rehab program in order to adjust regimens and definitively document the progression of individuals.


Make Decisions

Provide quantitative evidence to support return to play, combat and work.

RU-Fit model SR-3053 Device: Purchase with unlimited tests

  • Small: 6" hand span

    Medium: 8" hand span

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