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Biomechanical Solutions

RedOak Instruments, LLC is a USA based biomechanical and software based company which provides objective physiological measurements to screen for injuries, ailments and to monitor recovery. The hands of patients, athletes, employees and military personnel/veterans are tested non-invasively from any location in less than ten minutes.  The test will document the reduction or improvement of factors related to head injury including fine motor control, coordination and reaction time.  Analyses of the screenings are then used to provide diagnostic aid for first responders, medical practitioners, business and military personnel.  Additionally, ROI's RU-Fit model SR-3053 SensoKinetoGram offers objective monitoring for sports training programs to aid trainers and coaches as they develop and improve the coordination and reaction times of their athletes.  All systems are FDA cleared and compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Training and Rehab begin with Objective Evidence

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In less than ten minutes have reliable and quantitative results that allow you to make educated decisions with conviction.


No medications or incisions are made. The device is held like a glass of water during testing with no post opp down time.


Data is immediately analyzed upon test completion. Users can immediately access new and historical results from anywhere.

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We Are

Made in America

We take pride in supporting American jobs.   All systems are made in the USA using American labor.

FDA Cleared

All ROI products are cleared by the FDA assuring the safety, effectiveness, quality, and security of our devices.

HIPAA Compliant

Personal and unique data is encoded before analysis and results are securely stored on our HIPAA compliant servers.

Insurance Reimbursable

Tests are reimbursable by most major government and private insurance providers

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